Introducing: Tress App for Hairspiration


Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Tumblr. Social media has slowly (or not so slowly) morphed into image sharing platforms. From memes to selfies to food, we look to social media for all sorts of inspiration, right? Hair inspiration is certainly not left out. Have you ever imagined an Instagram or Pinterest that is specifically for hair? You have? Well, look no further. Tress is here!

Founded by Priscilla Hazel, Esther Olatunde and Cassandra Sarfo, Tress was started as a platform for women in Africa to find hairstyle inspiration from their peers around the continent. No matter how creative one can be with one’s hair, it is no secret that there are days when the mind’s inspiration is lacking. So whether you are planning a style in advance or are looking for a quick fix inspiration, Tress provides the opportunity to find something quickly and easily too.


So how is Tress different than simply searching #naturalhair or #hairstyle on instagram?

Tress does not just have images with likes and comments. It also allows the poster of a picture to put in the location where the style was done (this is helpful if a style was done at a salon), the products that were used to achieve the style, and the cost of creating said style. In this age of social media, we know that not every stylist in our part of the world is internet savvy. And so one of the perks that Tress offers is a sort of “word of mouth” approach for both stylists and consumers. Remember those times when you have loved a style enough to walk up to the pretty lady and ask where she had it done? 


In addition, you can bookmark hair styles for later reference. No need to fill your photo gallery with those screenshots!

According to Priscilla, “Tress is special because it is solving a challenge many black women face and the ladies behind Tress are excited to be working on something that is a personal challenge.Its a niche product totally focused on black women and their hair. Tress is different from Instagram because its targeted only at black women and their hair needs. It’s a place for women to showcase their hairstyles to a community of people that actually care about their hair and discover amazing hairstyles with detailed information about each hairstyle.”

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Tress was officially launched at the Social Media Week in Lagos in February 2016.

At the moment, the app is only available for download on android. Although the app is in its early days, it has gained traction not just in Africa but across the world (it was featured in Essence Magazine) – a fact that the founders are surprised and pleased with. There are more features to be added to this app as the team hopes to not only provide hair style images but also foster communication between stylists and consumers.


Besides downloading the app, you can keep up with Tress on their blog and on their website.

So what do you think? Will you download and check it out? What are your thoughts about an app like Tress? If you do download, the girls at Tress would love to receive your feedback so please give it as freely as you can!

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  1. Oh wow, sounds like a great app. I want to check it out, even though I’m no longer in Nigeria. It’s very innovative too, from what you’ve written in your post.

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