Twists and Cornrows (+ Life Lately)

Twists and cornrows

Hey guys!

How are you and your hair?

I’m currently in my 3rd week of wearing my hair in a simple style of two strand twists with cornrows on the side. I got this done at a salon near my house. Salon deets are at the end of the post. When I went to the salon, the plan was to get blonde braids in Color 27, but I remembered that I am still a lawyer on weekdays lol so I saved my extensions for Christmas and asked them to do this instead. Do you remember this juicy flat twisted style here? They did it too.

This year, I’ve been very low maintenance with my hair. I’m still not seeing length oh (maybe AB as Rapunzel isn’t meant to be) but my hair is otherwise very healthy. I always knew my hair strands to be super thin (except for a stronger patch at the crown) but my strands have grown much thicker! Like, for real, for real. My hair has also grown a bit darker. I don’t know if this is the fro’s way of protesting against my plans to colour it soon.

Twists and cornrows
Broad Street, Lagos. Just outside Freedom Park.

Twists and cornrows

My friend Lekan helped me take these photos with his Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus when we hung out for a few hours on Sunday (isn’t he talented?) We met up at Rele and then went on a photo-walk looking for inspiration in Lagos Island (my absolute favourite part of Lagos).

Rele Gallery

Rele Gallery, Onikan

Life right now is a little “boring”. By boring, I mean, nothing dramatic is happening. I’m not bored, though. I am never, never bored. Honestly. Still, I do recognise that it has been a while since I went out, experienced something new, or just, chilled. Regardless, I’m happy. With trying to stay on top of work, my online classes and other things that I have to do, “boring” is good, actually. I know that when I’m done doing all the things that I have to do, I’ll have more time to do the things I want to do, and it’s only a matter of time.

Flowers outside Rele Gallery

Hair maintenance: Shea Moisture Mousse (for moisture, shine and to reduce frizz), Afro Roots Naturals Leave-In Conditioner (more moisture for my fuzzy roots along my hairline), and Midas Naturals L.O.C. Butter (to oil and massage my scalp, and seal moisturised twists)

Salon deets: Sarah’s salon is on Bola Street in Anthony Village, Lagos. There’s no sign. It’s on the first floor of the building beside King Solomon Hospital. You can get this style done for 500 naira or 1K.

Okay now. Tell me about your hair and what you’ve been up to!




Photos: © Lekan Ishola.

P.S. You have until next Monday, October 30 to submit your business plan to be considered for Shea Moisture’s 1 Million Naira giveaway in their Finding Young Sofi Tucker competition! Details over here.

4 Replies to “Twists and Cornrows (+ Life Lately)”

  1. Hello
    I have a similar style except without the cornrows. If your scalp gets itchy, do you wash your hair as it is, in that style, and do you condition it while it is styled? I washed mine and put cantu shea butter but my hair isn’t as soft as it was when I got the style installed. I spray it daily with water and put tea tree oil on my edges once a week.

    1. Hi Rumbidzo! When my scalp gets itchy, I vigorously massage it with an oil. I don’t wash my hair in this style because I don’t want it to be more frizzy than it is 🙂 do you want to try adding a little glycerine to your spray bottle? Glycerine is a humectant, it draws moisture from the atmosphere into your hair. If the hair isn’t soft at first, within a few hours, it moisturises and softens more.

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