Washday Experience with Aphogee Protein Treatment


I recently complained here that the dyed portion of my hair has been breaking continuously since my dye job. This past weekend, to battle this breaking, I included a protein treatment to my washday and tried a new brand of shampoo – conditioner. Here is how it went.

You have to understand that I went into this washday with a “both of us will die on the line” attitude. I was tired of the breaking. Even though I was the only one that got to see it in action, it was embarrassing. Every time I passed my hand or a comb through the coloured portion of my hair, I could see the tiny pieces of hair just falling to the ground one of after the other – like soldiers that have collectively given up on the battle. I should have sorted out this issue earlier, but did I? No! Why? Laziness? Denial? Probably a combination of both. I had spent the last two months not doing the work needed to care for my dyed hair. No more of that nonchalance. Healthy hair IS important to me and so I shall do the work to ensure my hair is healthy despite whatever manipulation I put it through.

No more nonchalance. Healthy hair IS important. Click To Tweet

Yes, I was desperate for brilliant results. But I had at the back of my mind that I might have to follow this routine a few more times before I see results.

How did this washday go?

I began by cleansing my hair with Davines minu shampoo. This shampoo is specifically made for coloured hair. This was the first time I used a colour specific shampoo on my coloured hair. I washed twice for good measure. Surprisingly, my hair was not as in need of a wash as I had thought. My hair had been in cornrows underneath a week for the last couple of weeks. This is probably why it was not as dirty as it usually would have been.

Freshly washed

After washing, I blotted with my hair towel. My hair towel is one of those flimsy beach towels. I find that these towels are not as “wooly” as other shower towels. In my mind, they might as well be t-shirts.

At this point, it was time to get me some protein! To do this, I used the Aphogee two-step protein treatment. I made the mistake of pouring directly from the bottle onto the coloured part of my hair. My scalp stung and I was scarred that I had poured too much of the liquid treatment to just one small portion of hair. For the rest of the hair, I poured the treatment on my palm and then worked it into my hair. I was not keen on doing the treatment on the rest of my hair so I did not want the hair saturated (as is instructed on the bottle).

With Aphogee two-step protein treatment

Drying the hair came next. Yes, drying with the treatment in the hair. I did not wear a plastic cap, per instructions, and left my hair out. I also did not twist my hair in sections as I would have on a normal wash day. I used a hand dryer on medium heat. If you have a hooded dryer, you can use this as well. The hand held dryer took about 5 – 7 minutes to do the job. My hair became proper hard and crunchy. It reminded me of those times when I was younger and would go to the salon to have hard gel raked into my short hair because, Christmas hair. The instructions say that you should not try to comb your hair when it has reached this point, so I didn’t. At feeling the hard, crunchy hair, I was like yaaassss! Protein say whaaa!

Noodle-like hard curls after treatment has dryed into hair

The next step was to wet the hair and rinse out the treatment. This I did multiple times to ensure that all the treatment was out.  The Aphogee balancing moisturizer was then applied to the hair. This is when I detangled.

The Aphogee balancing moisturizer is pH optimised. Yes, it might seem like just a conditioner going by its ingredients, however, I will not advice you to substitute it for another conditioner when doing the aphogee protein treatment. For your hair to thrive, pH balance is necessary as taught here. Many product lines know this and so in their formulations, each product is made to the pH necessary to balance off the other. This is why there is a school of thought that advises you stick to one product line rather than mix and match. In the case of aphogee and any hair ailment specific treatment, really, stick to the products in the line. As AB said to me, these are like antibiotics. Follow the instructions to the letter and once the ailment is cured, cease use of the treatment – otherwise you might be setting yourself up for problems.

Protein treatments are like antibiotics. Use as instructed and discontinue once problem is cured. Click To Tweet

After detangling, I rinsed out the moisturizer and saturated my hair with Davines minu conditioner. This, I used as a deep conditioner by wearing a plastic cap and going about my business like I ain’t sorry.

Deep conditioning

It is with a heart full of joy and gratitude to the people at Aphogee that I share my testimony today, guys. This thing worked instantaneously! Literally no breaking. Nothing. Not even a tiny mistake. I kept raking my hands through my hair just to make sure. For good measure, I will do this protein treatment one more time and then I shall retire my “antibiotics” and hope that I don’t need them again until I get a new dye job.

Have you used any of Aphogee’s treatments? What has your experience been? Have you done any other type of protein treatment that you swear by – DIY or otherwise? Share with us!





9 Replies to “Washday Experience with Aphogee Protein Treatment”

  1. Ladies, this treatment works like magic but you must follow instructions to the letter. I use Aphogee protein treatment like once in 3 months or whenever I feel my hair needs serious protein like after weaves or braids and my hair just springs back to life. Infact hair started growing since I started using it cos it made my hair stronger and healthier.

  2. Oh thank God it worked!.Looks like this us what I need.I have noticed long strands of hair breaking from the root and it’s not like I have been stressing my hair or scalp or anything

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