Back Like We Never Left!

The Kink and I at Jazzhole, Ikoyi.

Hey guysssss!

If you’re reading this post, this means that you’re on our new blog! Welcome, welcome, welcome!!!

It feels like we just moved to a new apartment. How do you like our new digs? Look around, and let us know what you think 🙂

We are working on creating the best possible experience for you on the site so, we’d like to know what you think. Let us know what you like or don’t like about the blog, what you’d like to see more of. Please spare 2 minutes for our survey here. Danke.

A very special shout out to Alex, The Lazy Natural – it’s her birthday today. Happy birthday, Alex! We hope you have the best day! And also, to our guy Anthony who made this move possible! Check out his website here.

So. What’s new on the blog?

Oh, just a few things.

The New Where to Find Directory

The Where to Find Directory on The Kink and I is a comprehensive listing of natural hair product vendors, and natural hair (friendly) salons in Nigeria. It was first published in 2013, and thanks to you guys, this list has grown. Now, to make it more efficient for you to find the products and services that you need, we have made some changes to the setup.

You can now

  1. Add New Businesses When You ‘Submit a Listing.’

Instead of leaving a comment telling us about your business, or a business you discovered, you can directly submit this information, when you click ‘Submit Listing’ under the ‘Find Natural Hair Products & Salons’ tab in our menu! You can even upload photos of what you’re selling. If you’re a salon owner or a mobile stylist, for instance, you can link to a YouTube video if you have one. All this is subject to terms & conditions of course. Please don’t try to sneak in any listings for lightening cream or half-cast lotion. We do not do that here! Ahem. See our How-To Guide and Terms & Conditions for more details.

  1. Review Listed Businesses

Now, you can review the businesses in the Directory! Yes. You can leave a comment under the business page when you click ‘Reviews’, and you can also read others’ reviews. You can easily rate them there, as well. Hopefully, this feature will make our Where to Find page more helpful 🙂

Our Special Newsletter

We have started a mailing list and  you can subscribe here!

For surprise exclusives, blog specials, giveaways, and other good stuff, you want to subscribe to this 🙂

Hand over heart, we promise not to spam you. Pinky swear.

Contact Us Form

We are available by email via However, if you are already here, you can reach us directly on this blog by filling out our contact form. Your question, concern or remark will reach us immediately and we promise to get back to you in good time.

Our Regimen

We have always shared our regimens with you. With our new home, we want to remind you of this. We have updated our regimens and will continue to do so, so please, check it out and get inspired!

We have a lot planned for the rest of the year, and we are determined to be consistent with our posting! The first post will be published in a bit, at 10AM, Lagos time (GMT +1) We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this hot topic!

Talk in a few hours!!


AB & MeeMee

29 Replies to “Back Like We Never Left!”

  1. I love it! So bright and beautiful. Good job you two, I’ve always loved your blog and it’s even better now.
    Thanks for dropping Anthony’s link

  2. love the new site!!! can’t believe how much you’ve grown been here since day one! lool it looks lovely! well done!

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