We Are Celebrating! + A Giveaway For You

In 2011, AB put up the first post on this here blog and she creatively titled it “First Post”. Give AB that type of blog post title today and she will roll her eyes to the back of her head and proceed to give you a list of 10 better titles in their order of SEO importance and clickability. This is the result of almost 6 years of writing, capturing images, sharing opinions, information, fact, curating content, etc. I remember when she first started this – it did not start out as The Kink and I. There was something about Purple Ozymandias in the title of the blog and the posts were pretty much all things AB loves (with a steep lean towards pretty cuisine, AB’s first love?). But in June 2012, she put up her first hair post titled “Going Natural”. For me, this is the day The Kink and I was born – although it would be another few weeks/ months before the name came to be. Since its birth, we have learnt a lot, grown a lot, expanded our minds a lot as a result of nurturing this not-so-baby (trust me, she is oh-so-demanding).

Now, a move to our website (our permanent home) and over 1.1 million views after, AB & I realize that we have not taken the time to celebrate her – The Kink and I. We are very wrapped up in doing better, doing more, running to catch up with where the Kink and I is going while also trying to figure out where she wants to go. But in all of this, it is important to step aside, breathe, and celebrate what has been and what is to come. And so, this is what we are doing today!

*cue applause*

Make no mistake, when we celebrate The Kink and I, you are definitely not left out. Not at all. You are a core of The Kink and I. Without you, we will not be talking about growth, about expansion. So we celebrate you today as well!

If we could, we would have all of you in the same space and pop bottles and eat cake and dance the day away. But since we cannot do that, please do this for us wherever you are. Celebrate The Kink and I for us today in whatever way you can (and send us pictures too *wink*)!

To show our gratitude and our repentance to celebrate more, in collaboration with paperless post, we are giving away 1000 coins to use on paperless post.

All cards have an accompanying envelope

I am an avid lover and user of Paperless post. Every person in my life knows this because at one occasion or non-occasion, they have all received at least one card or invitation from me via paperless post. Sending cards online are such an easy way to let people know that you are thinking of and celebrating them – especially when distance is a limiting factor. It also does not hurt that the designs that paperless post make me giddy. Sometimes, I just go on there to look at the card designs, just for fun. In addition to online, most of their designs can also be ordered in paper form and mailed to you or the recipient.

Paperless post dashboard for sending invitations and tracking guest list

This giveaway is for you if you are already in the business of sending online cards and invitation, want to up your cool points and get in the business of celebrating with online cards, have an event coming up where you need to manage invitations and guest lists, or just curious to see what you can do with this platform! 1000 coins on paperless is A LOT to play with and I promise you, you will be hooked.

To enter:

  • Go to https://www.paperlesspost.com/ and setup an account
  • Leave a comment here with your paperless post e-mail address and tell us an occasion special to you that you never fail to celebrate (no matter how unpopular it is)
  • That’s all!

The winner of the giveaway will be contacted on 5/1.

Once again, thank you for always coming back and back and back! We are immensely grateful for you!

P.S.: All images in this post are from paperless post. This post was sponsored by paperless post.




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  1. Congratulations! Your blog helped me started my healthy hair journey- from the relaxed days to the natural ones now. I recommend it to everyone. Very easy to grasp…Keep up the good work!

  2. Congratulations!! This blog has been very useful, since I decided to go natural about 2.5 years ago… Keep up d good works!!!!

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